Childproof Life Is Not An Option

We all want to keep our children out of harm’s way HOWEVER,

  • Children do not understand danger.
  • Children are naturally curious and want to explore the world around them – and remember, the more mobile they get the more adventurous they become!
  • Children can wander off in the blink of an eye.
  • Everywhere around them, particularly in the comfort of our own homes, there are many dangers – seen and unseen.

And so Aeverie was playing on our bed, lost her balance and fell head first on our tiled floor. Imagine the horror! She cried because obviously it was painful, then vomited. The daddy panicked, called me at work and asked me to come home immediately. We rushed Aeverie to the hospital so she can be examined.

Thankfully, while Aeverie’s vital signs are taken, she behaved nothing alarming. I trust God that he’s working mysteriously to keep our baby fine. I believe she’s okay. I know in my heart she’s okay.

Our struggle now is how to get her to lay in the scanning machine because we were advised to have Aeverie undergo a CT scan. We cannot sedate her since she’s under observation and we’re left with no choice but to wait ’til she falls asleep so she will stay still when the procedure is performed. HENCE;

A mom’s reflection

I am nothing (who am I that the Lord knows my name) and yet I am Everything (to the one who loves me so completely that He died for me).

I am nobody (one of billions) and yet I am Somebody (an adopted daughter of the God who created all things).

I am insufficient (brimming with faults and inadequacies) and yet I am Enough (willingness to cooperate with His grace being the only requirement).

So much of what I have tried has looked like failure. Certain friendships, my little blog off in the corner of the internet. Even motherhood can feel like a failure at times, motherhood which for me has had a way of exposing the depths of my temperamental deficiencies. I feel often — not always, because there are those occasional Supermom days — like a failure. Most days I am so quick to become angry, so preoccupied with my own thoughts as to brush aside an eager toddler’s milestone move, so lazy as to ignore distasteful household chores, and yet so busy as to forget to read a story book to Evie.

Motherhood can feel like living in three days between the crucifixion and the resurrection. In other words, I have the hope of resurrection. I have the hope that these things I do daily — cleaning, feeding, loving, hugging, working, listening, holding, tending, training — will end in victory. But for now I live in the moment when they look like failure. It’s precisely in this interim wherein resides Hope.

I hope in the Lord, not in myself. I hope in His mercy and in His grace, and I entrust everything — even what presently looks like failure — to the One who can and does redeem all things and who transforms what looks like failure into an eternal victory.

In observance of Lent

As a Catholic, the season of Lent was something that was ingrained in me from childhood. It appears to me that there are traditionally two ways to approach Lent, penitence and atonement. Penitence is feeling sorry for what one has done. Atonement is taking actions to repair for what one has done. Penitence as manifested in action is usually expressed as giving up something (ice cream!). *wink* Atonement is usually expressed in action as doing something more, attending more mass, doing more charity work, etc.

I find I’m not very good at or interested in penitence. As it is, I question my actions too much already! And me being spiritual and not religious, I saw a lot of people who were so involved in a “simple” life, that they appeared to be the most “prideful” folks I knew. Giving up so they were purer than others. (This is not being judgemental, okay? Just saying, ‘coz this is what I observe mostly. Blame it on the environment I grew up with). I just am not constitutionally fit to be penitential.

I’m a better fit for acts of atonement. I am trying to recognize the humanity in others. I am also trying to live more in the moment. I have a lot of changes in my life and my natural instinct is to worry about the future. I think we can look at the temptations of Jesus as a way the Devil offered Jesus control: over death and over others. I am trying through prayer amongst other things to give up that need for control. I can’t control the future. I can try in this moment to do the best I can.

me; working mother

I like my job. I like the company. I like financially contributing to my family in a significant way. I like that Evie has a steady friend she sees every weekend and a group of loving parents that goes along with it. I like that my weekends are spent on things that can unwind me from a week’s work.

Sometimes, when I’m too exhausted to open my eyes in the morning and I’m stumbling to the bathroom to get ready for work, or when I’m sitting in meetings counting down the hours until the work day ends, I do wonder what I’d be doing if I were at home. And- don’t tell anyone- but I do get homesick at the thought. My fellow working moms… please tell me I’m not alone.

Sometimes I wake up and imagine what life would be like if I could just ignore alarm clocks – roll over and go back to bed and instead be woken up by a human alarm clock.

I wonder what it would feel like to eat breakfast with my children every day. To be the one who gets them dressed and ready for the day or school every morning. To be the one doing elaborate (or not so elaborate) craft projects with them and teaching them silly songs or dance. To get suited up in play clothes — bra less (instead of work clothes) and spend an hour running in the yard or playing at a park. To be able to go to a zoo or just anywhere during the weekday instead of having to face and compete with weekend crowds. To spend an afternoon siesta. To get some housework (or NOTHING) done during afternoons. To not be frazzled and rushing to get dinner started so it can be on the table by 6pm.

I wonder. I imagine. I daydream.

Fantastic thirty-six?!

I am 36 years old today. Thirty-six, as in closer to 40 than 30. While I’m not one of those people who love-loves their birthday, I don’t hate it either. I’m thankful for another year with the people I love and the opportunity to learn more about myself with each passing year.

I figure now is a good a time to do the grown-up thing and reflect on what I hope this year will bring. While I’d love all of you to think I’m filled with deep personal goals designed to inspire and encourage, I’m actually just a regular woman with an affinity for lazy days, the luxury of travel, and formulating witty comebacks I’ll never have the balls to use. LOL

Probably the best gift I can ask is really the presence of a happy family. Happy family that is wrapped up in one another. I’m grateful for my family, grateful for my friends and I feel blessed and excited to be alive. Life has so much to offer, if we look at the positives.


What do birthdays mean?

What does it mean to grow older?

It means to grow wiser each day.
To appreciate more fully,
The joy life sends our way

To start each day with a happy heart
Believing that dreams come true
To overlook the storm clouds
Knowing skies will soon be blue

To find pleasure in simple things
A word, a smile, a thought.
To plan and dream but not forget
The joys that past has brought
To gather up a cherished wealth
Of friends and hold them dear
To learn from each experience
And grow in love each year.

Journey To My Workplace

This is my everyday grind. I live at Sun Valley village and this are the places I see everyday when I commute to work.

Stop light. Crossing V. Rama and B. Rodriguez

Right in this area is where I wait for a jeepney to work. It’s either I’d take the 12L or 06C. Both can still get me to work.

Right behind the jeepney stop is this area where you can see plants and flowers. Not sure who is taking care of it but it’s been well taken care of.
cell site
If it’s taking long for jeepneys to arrive, I get to see this when I look up. A cell tower! Not sure what network.
chong hua
When you are around B. Rodriguez street, you can see this Chong Hua building peeking
This is along Mango Avenue. To the right is the D’Mango center and left is the Mango Square mall
waiting shed
Where I am standing, is at the waiting shed along Mango Ave. and I get to have this view of Horizons 101 condominiums
mango 2
a view just right in front of the waiting shed if you are standing in it. D’ Mango
mango square mall
Mango Square Mall! This is where my office is. So much have changed but it’s still the same old Mango Square mall
A view on your left before properly entering the building
escalator going up to the office
when you get to the 3rd floor riding the escalator, this is the first thing you will see to your right, DTT (Delonix Travel & Tours) and the Delonix Day Care Center
almost there! The hall way to the Recruitment office and to the phase where my desk is located
when you get into that glass door, you will get to the main office where the HR team is, the ADHOC team (which I’m part of) and the CEO’s office
main office
the main office! a view from where my desk is
tahdaaaaahh!! And this is me, at my desk, my work station, my zen! ♥

And that’s how I journey to work everyday! Until next time folks. See you around. Remember, Have courage and be kind.


We celebrated Aeverie’s first birthday with a barn themed party at our house in Negros. I am obsessed with how the party turned out. Madonna (our events organizer) did such an incredible job making my visions come to life. She is incredibly talented. We had custom barnyard props to styrofoam barn animals. I love them!

The party went without a hitch, which I was so grateful for. We packed over 50 adults and 20 kids into our little home and into the yard (my prayers for sunshine worked!). Hunny and I were both on cloud nine after the party – there is no greater feeling than seeing all of our guests enjoyed the party.

A lot of work went into this party, and I want to say a special thanks to Ta Adon (mentioned above). She spent oodles of hours making all of the props and set it up on the morning of the party. She is a force to be reckoned with, and I suggest that anyone in Tanjay, Dumaguete or Cebu, who is planning a party to contact her! Also, thank you to Ate Dia for the cupcakes and cake pops. You are amazing! Thank you to Princess of FlourBox Cake Shop, who was patient with me to brainstorm creative customization for the cakes. We ordered our sweets from them, and I recommend anyone in the area to stop by when planning a party. Last, but not least, thank you to my mom, who cooked the packed lunch for the kids and also made the “pa bitin” in a matter of minutes on the day of the party. How amazing!

I was just so ecstatic! I am happy the party ended well. I’m sad to see all of the bright colors leave the house. I wish that balloons and props are permanent fixtures around! I cannot wait for the next party, like in 6 years from now. Time to get pinning! xoxo


another BIRTHDAY has come

It’s my birthday, 34 years old today! Is that old? Quite honestly, I don’t feel any older. Although when I am with people younger than me, I say “I’m older than you think”. Actually I don’t feel any different than I have for the last 6, 8 years or so. Well, except from noticing that my skin is so dry now, like desert dry. My life’s a bit like that film Ground Hog Day. Nothing really seems to change. I mean things get better for awhile then they get turd then better then turd, a vicious cycle! I think you get the point, but don’t get me wrong I am happy. I’ve done a lot of great things, seen a lot of fantastic places. It’s just that I am missing something. You know that nagging feeling you get at the back of your brain that you just can’t quite understand what it’s trying to say? Anyway, a colleague just caught me spilling my guts into virtual space and I feel a bit silly so time to stop. I may have to just wish myself contentment, peace of mind and good health!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! Cheers to good life!


getting away

There comes a time in most people’s lives when if they are lucky, they try to do what they want to do instead of what they have to do.

Life is too short to be miserable. I would rather smile a little and eat a lot. My life certainly isn’t worry free, but it is free of the kind of stress that comes from working in a technology company that is likely also a snake-pit of employees trying to out maneuver each other to the top.

If things get tough, a walk along the beach or a dip in the ocean will usually cure it. If enjoying life can be considered a benefit, I have all the benefits that I need.1463154_1078016972215343_7237907957135818668_n 10428530_10152914992822293_1257970699995390436_n 10431685_10152917171267293_1548146033991764346_n 10954467_10152916795922293_5283659377270690449_n 11037257_10207183607450165_2211487079416744119_n 11130121_10207180482532044_4415065183950008641_n 11164681_10152914296532293_4370254114511354169_n 11164777_1075693295781044_2912677489194353974_n 11165258_1075980485752325_5568105594302949920_n 11169893_1076624802354560_8602892122376352111_n 11178087_10207180204085083_5367445109735055223_n 11182055_10152916840892293_424010187917350626_n 11182235_10152917142202293_2659864468433839868_n

MY simple birthday celebration

When I was little, many of my birthdays were celebrated with my sisters and my parents.
Last year’s celebration was beautiful, and I am happy that a few friends and new family I loved, and who love us were there alongside us. Even so, there’s been a shift in the way that I do birthday celebrations. At least for now. And it feels right for me.
This year, I kept things simple. I will always love a pretty party, but what I love most is getting to celebrate. While I had my share of birthday parties growing up, the best ones weren’t the elaborate celebrations filled with tons of people. They were the ones with my sisters and parents. The ones when a 15573_1061929737157400_2638687947683847308_n 17381_1082955341720868_328133212257257447_n 21152_1082952521721150_6473319414034758445_n 10338249_1082955548387514_9202872316621221287_n 10406863_1061929937157380_5461294851557605588_n 10410795_1082952275054508_1204105132734886246_n 10410927_1082955168387552_4094995148937132893_n 10440739_1082955075054228_11501973799604201_n 10478185_1061930023824038_6758884206952755012_n 10641229_1082952225054513_3367450879744368367_n 11036832_1061930083824032_3397140835178860374_n 11081071_1061930160490691_1797584867247145735_n 11081409_1061929780490729_7368830792804813565_n 11100156_1061929993824041_67897777387755525_n 11102790_1082955628387506_16412634338236796_n 11127802_1082955811720821_3987404339846016643_n 11129383_1082955465054189_992473250544340438_n 11133653_1082956938387375_859600952363718715_nDSCF1105s manila-foodshoppe-300x217 Birthday Pancit thumb_600few friends came over after school and we sat and ate hot dogs and cakes and spaghetti and played in the backyard.
The simple celebrations. Those allow for memories of moments rather than just stuff.
This weekend, I went to bed with my heart full. And as it would turn out, it was enough for me.
Here’s to simple celebrations and allowing for the most important details to shine — love and laughter!